Meet Our Graduate Schools
Who Can Partner

College Horizons invites graduate degree programs and professional schools to participate in our graduate admissions workshops. Offices of admission, financial aid, student services, career services, Native American programs/study, and fellowship programs are also welcome.  Workshop space is limited to 50 partner schools. New for 2012, if the workshops become full, we offer partners the opportunity to participate for just 1 day in our University Fair.

Partnership Opportunities include:

    • Graduate Horizons Workshop (for graduate school recruitment),
    • Attending the Graduate University Fair Only,
    • Host a Workshop – Bring 100 Native students to your campus for a week!

Native American Recruitment

Graduate Horizons is designed to align with the multicultural-diversity outreach initiatives of a college/university’s Office of Admissions. We understand that Indian Country is vast – comprised of 310 geographical reservations and 40 Indian Statistical Areas (29 located in Oklahoma), 200 Alaska Native villages, over 563 federally recognized and 200 state recognized tribal nations, and the islands of Native Hawaiian homelands. We also know that Native American and Native Hawaiian students continue to be the most underrepresented minority population on college campuses. Graduate Horizons brings to campus a competitive and talented pool of 100 American Indian, Alaska Native, and Native Hawaiian college students and college graduates. Students have the opportunity to study and reside on-site, take a campus tour and informational session, and use the facilities and resources of the university to gain first-hand experience of what the school has to offer.

Become a Host:

Graduate Horizons seeks universities or organizations to host the week-long workshop. To be eligible to host requires that a partner has previously participated in a College Horizons program.

Registration Fee & Services:

If your institution is interested in participating in College Horizons (to recruit high school students for college) or Graduate Horizons (to recruit college students/graduates to graduate School), please contact Carmen Lopez, Executive Director, for more information on the benefits/outcomes, services, contracts, curriculum, and fees –

Services Included for Workshop Fee

    • Participant Information: An electronic copy of the participant contact information for follow-up recruitment,
    • Presentation & Advising: Mentor 10-15 students in small group cohorts and co-present with other faculty on admissions, graduate, financial aid, or career advising.
    • Meals: Lunch and dinner will be provided for faculty of the program,
    • Graduate Fairs:  Each graduate school receives a table at the two university fairs – one is for the GH participants (100 students) and the other is open to the public (expect 300-400).
    • Info Session: Each graduate school receives a 30-minute presentation slot,
    • Advertisement:  Promotion of partner through recruitment activities, conferences, email/list-serve, social media, mailings,
    • 2 year Website Promotion: Since GH is offered every 2 years, partner profiles and contact information will be listed on the GH website.

Graduate University Fair Only

Graduate institutions not participating in the GH Summer Workshop are welcome to attend the Graduate Horizons University Fairs at the host location – for 2012, Harvard University (Cambridge, MA).  Schools will have the opportunity to meet with the 75-100 college students and college graduates of the GH program.  Space is limited and registration to attend the university fair is due by April 16, 2012.